Joker Temporary Tattoos Suicide Squad Costume Cosplay

Most complete set of realistic Joker temporary tattoos from Suicide squad movie.

You can choose between 3 options

Option 1: All face, front torso, arms, hand tattoos (see photo option 1)

Option 2: All face, front torso, arms, hand, and fan art back tattoos (see photo option 2)
{fan art joker back tattoos}

Option 3: All face, front torso, arms, hand and dragon back tattoos (see photo option 3)
{this one is the MOST ACCURATE replica of the 3 options. As seen in the collectible figurines the joker has a big dragon tattooed in his back}

Let me know in a note if this is for an adult or for a kid.

Note: if you are going to apply whitening make up on your face and/or body there are 2 ways you can do it:

1- apply the tattoos first and then the make up (use a small brush to go around the edges)
2- apply the make up and then the tattoos (using a small brush to go around the edges)

There are some extra repeat tattoos on each set that are intended for you to test both ways and see what will work best with the make up that you have.

Harley Quinn tattoos also available.


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STANDARD USPS transit for International is 7-21 days depending on location.

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UNITED STATES: Priority Mail (1-3 days transit) and Priority Express (1 day transit)

EUROPE: DHL Express (2-4 day transit)

CANADA: DHL Express (1 day transit)

AUSTRALIA: DHL Express (8 day transit)

BRASIL: DHL Express (5 day transit)

Message me if you have any questions :)

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